The Shovel

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The Shovel.
The Shovel is a well-known illustration of The Custodian shoveling Egon Rhodomunde and Baron Zersetzung into The Furnace.

The illustration depicts The Custodian in the act of punishing Rhodomunde and Baron Z for violating their contracts. Major contract violations allegedly include time crystal (nonfiction) trafficking, low-level crimes against mathematical constants, and unlicensed nuclear warfare.

The act of burning in The Furnace uncreates all timelines affected by the contract violations, returning Rhodomunde and Baron Z to previous timelines.

Both men report that the experience of burning in The Furnace is "painful, to say the least."

"Don't make me get the shovel" is a well-known catch phrase widely attributed (perhaps apocryphally) to The Custodian, who supposedly uses a mop to clean up lesser messes, such as computing high-level crimes against mathematical constants), secretly profiting from unlicensed time travel, and promoting Wumpus-compass syndrome.

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