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This article is a to-do list of books which interest me, in some cases referencing the Hennepin County Library system.

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Aharon Appelfeld

Aharon Appelfeld


    • The Eiger Sanction (1972)
    • The Loo Sanction (1973)
    • The Main (1976)
    • Shibumi (1979) - meta-spy
    • The Summer of Katya (1983) - psychological horror
    • Incident at Twenty-Mile (1998) - Western
    • Hot Night in the City (2000) - short shorty collection
    • The Crazyladies of Pearl Street (2005) - semi-autobiography

Per Olov Enquist

  • The Visit of the Royal Physician
  • The Book About Blanche and Marie

Claude Berge

  • Who killed the Duke of Densmore? - a murder mystery based on a mathematical theorem

Jesse L. Lasky

  • I Blow My Own Horn

Zoltán Pál Dienes

  • Memoirs of a Maverick Mathematician

Erle Stanley Gardner

  • Shills Can't Cash Chips

David Nickle

  • Eutopia

Clark R. Mollenhoff

  • Washington Cover-Up: How Bureaucratic Secrecy Promotes Corruption and Waste in the Federal Government (1962), Doubleday. ISBN 0548443475 (2007 edition)
  • Tentacles of Power: The Story of Jimmy Hoffa (1965), World Publishing
  • Despoilers of Democracy: The real story of what Washington propagandists, arrogant bureaucrats, mismanagers, influence peddlers, and outright corrupters are doing to our Federal Government (1965), Doubleday
  • The Pentagon: Politics, Profits and Plunder (1967), G.P. Putnam's Sons
  • Strike Force: Organized Crime and the Government (1972), Prentice Hall, ISBN 0-13-852772-5
  • The Man Who Pardoned Nixon (1976), The K.S. Giniger Company, Inc., ISBN 978-0-900997-89-1
  • Game Plan for Disaster (1976), W.W. Norton & Co., ISBN 0-393-05543-4
  • Investigative Reporting: From Courthouse to White House (1981), Macmillan, ISBN 0-02-381870-0
  • Atanasoff: Forgotten Father of the Computer (1988), ISBN 0-8138-0032-3

I am a Cat

I am a Cat by Natsume Sōseki.

Once an Eagle

Killer Angels

Boris Vian

  • Mood Indigo - Minneapolis Central (1st floor General) Adult Fiction Book VIAN
  • Blues for A Black Cat & Other Stories - Minneapolis Central (1st floor General) Adult Fiction Book VIAN

As Vernon Sullivan:

  • J'irai cracher sur vos tombes (I Shall Spit on Your Graves) (Éditions du Scorpion, 1946)
  • Les morts ont tous la même peau (The Dead All Have the Same Skin) (Éditions du Scorpion, 1947)
  • Et on tuera tous les affreux (To Hell With the Ugly) (Éditions du Scorpion, 1948)
  • Elles se rendent pas compte (They Do Not Realize) (1948–50, published 1950 by Éditions du Scorpion)

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