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Jan Łukasiewic.
Jan Łukasiewicz (Polish: [ˈjan wukaˈɕɛvʲitʂ]; 21 December 1878 – 13 February 1956) was a Polish logician and philosopher born in Lwów, which, before the Polish partitions, was in Poland, Galicia, then Austria-Hungary.

His work centered on analytical philosophy, mathematical logic, and history of logic. He thought innovatively about traditional propositional logic, the principle of non-contradiction and the law of excluded middle.

Modern work on Aristotle's logic builds on the tradition started in 1951 with the establishment by Łukasiewicz of a revolutionary paradigm.

The Łukasiewicz approach was reinvigorated in the early 1970s in a series of papers by John Corcoran and Timothy Smiley—which inform modern translations of Prior Analytics by Robin Smith in 1989 and Gisela Striker in 2009.

Łukasiewicz is regarded as one of the most important historians of logic.

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