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Gnomon Chronicles is a work of fiction and nonfiction by Karl Jones (nonfiction), who says:

Gnomon Chronicles is a personal mythology, a mashup of history and fiction, mixing real people and events with fictional situations and events.

Right now (July 2017) it consists of a couple of dozen fictional characters, let's say a dozen central characters. They reveal themselves to me in bits and pieces, over weeks and months. I'm not a strong storyteller; my scope is narrower. I see a moment, a scene, a brief exchange of dialog or action. I'm gathering up these pieces in the Fiction wiki, and I trust they will coalesce into stories.

Fortunately, I'm working with the excellent illustrator and storyteller Greg Nesbitt (nonfiction). He's been drawing a series of characters studies and scenes, which I plan to publish as a coloring book later this year.

Ultimately I want to write, produce, and publish a series of comic books, culminating in a graphic novel. That's for the future, and it's a tall order, but I'm okay, I'm a tall thinker.

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Original type face "Nesbittica Balloonica" by Greg Nesbitt (nonfiction); see Nesbittica Balloonica (nonfiction).

"Gnomon Chronicles" (or "The Gnomon Chronicles") by Karl Jones (nonfiction)