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Fiction is an ongoing work of fiction and nonfiction by Karl Jones.


Nonfiction is rigorously indicated where applicable; everything else is fair game for misrepresentation.

Nonfiction pages

Pages whose title ends in (nonfiction) begin with a nonfictional section, in the manner of Wikipedia, albeit with my selection bias.

Links in nonfiction sections only point to nonfiction pages, never to fiction pages. (Nonfiction link text may omit the "(nonfiction)" clause for readability.)

Below the nonfiction content, most nonfiction pages also have fictional content -- "In the News" mixes fiction and nonfiction, while "Fiction cross-reference" is self-explanatory.

Fiction pages

Pages whose titles do not end in (nonfiction) are fiction pages. Here, anything goes -- fictional text, fictional images, real images with fictional descriptions, links with fictional text leading to nonfiction pages, and so on.

Fiction and non-fiction pages alike usually have "Nonfiction cross-reference" section which is entirely factual and reliable.

Category pages

Page categories whose titles end in (nonfiction) list nonfiction pages; categories not ending in (nonfiction) list fiction pages.

Nonfiction cross-reference