Egon Rhodomunde

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Illustration of Egon Rhodomunde. He is either demanding payment for contraband, or conducting an opera of demons.
Egon Rhodomunde (? - ?) is a famous gem detective, arms dealer, and film director.

Rhodomunde is known worldwide for his wealth, professional skills, violent temper, and utter lack of scruples.

His former friendship with Virgil Cartouchian turned to bitter rivalry, and Rhodomunde is widely believed to have played some part Virgil's kidnapping (presumably by Baron Zersetzung).

Niles Cartouchian has alleged that Rhodomunde deals in illegal life-extending time crystals (nonfiction) harvested from the life-patterns of living creatures. According to Cartouchian, Rhodomunde receives these gems from alleged crime boss Baron Zersetzung, who in turn allegedly negotiates business contracts with demons.

He is believed to practice transdimensional law, probably specializing in Deniable litigation.

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